• PES on IDAHOT: Fighting discrimination based on sexuality is at the core of what we stand for

    The PES marked the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia by strongly reaffirming their commitment to fighting LGBTI discrimination.

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  • PES in Western Balkans

    We believe that the future of the Western Balkans lies with the European Union, and we're particularly glad to see Balkan countries led by progressive governments advancing on their European path.

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  • PES regrets the moving of U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

    The PES regrets the moving of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. This move makes a political solution more difficult, not least because it triggers violence on the ground.

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Event list

  • 23/05/18 at 14:00 Financial and Economic Network
  • 24/05/18 at 10:00 - 25/05/18 PES Secretaries General meeting, Copenhagen
  • 25/05/18 at 08:00 PES ECOFIN Ministerial meeting

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The crisis remains a bitter reality for many. As a result, the far right and populism are on the rise. It is time to push for reforms for a more progressive EU!

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